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Buying crypto is easy. Knowing what to do isn't.

Investing in crypto is easy, but there's a barrier to getting started. The barrier isn’t made up of fees, lack of availability or accessibility - it’s a psychological barrier. Most people think that digital assets just aren't for them - feeling comfortable and knowing what to do is hard. This is where Farnam comes in.

Invest in three simple themes today as part of our early access programme.

How does it work?

Follow top investors and invest in simple, crypto indexes that reflect themes. We call them Playlists

Find your playlist

Playlists are crypto baskets that reflect simple ideas that anyone can understand. Support the ideas that matter to you in just one click, no need to buy dozens of tokens individually. For example, if you want to invest in all things metaverse - there's a playlist for that. Or perhaps you believe DeFi is disrupting mainstream finance - there's a playlist for that.

Follow top investors

Don't know where to start? Follow verified, top investors and fund managers. Discover your next opportunity by curating a feed of what trusted experts are doing and saying, on-chain.

Build your own

Are you a seasoned investor? Have a great idea for a playlist? Share it with the community and get rewarded for it as others invest in it, on-chain. Be your own fund manager and curate your own playlists.

Get in the loop

Get the what and the why. Learn by doing by accessing curated research, explanations and breakdowns.

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